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doula\\ n. a nonmedical person experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support and physical comfort to a mother before, during and just after childbirth.



The demand for a range of sensual and elegant maternity lingerie became clear to Doulara’s Creative Director Rebecca Neumark during casual conversations with pregnant friends. Amongst the complaints about the current maternity market was a clear absence of the seductive details so familiar in high-end non-maternity designs; so out of the conviction that lingerie for pregnant women could feel sexy as well as supportive, Doulara was born.


We believe that the practical and the beautiful can work in tandem. Serving as both function and fashion, Doulara lingerie unites a playful and gorgeous aesthetic with intelligent maternity technology and luxurious fabrics. A deep understanding of the pregnant female form is underpinned by a recognition of current lingerie trends and a bold and contemporary approach to detail and design. 


Doulara’s pioneering gel technology isn’t yet a common feature on the maternity market. Our bras take advantage of this innovative new approach so you can enjoy unparalleled comfort and ease of movement despite a rapidly developing shape and size. 


All our garments have been expertly constructed with the utmost care and consideration by our manufacturing experts. From the feel of our fabrics to the standard of our stitching, quality is always our main priority, because we want you to feel like you’re buying the absolute best.


At Doulara, we’re determined to build a brand that contributes positively to our planet. To that end, we’re going to be donating a percentage of our seasonal profits to an as yet unconfirmed chosen charity. We're hoping to be able to tell you more about this soon so watch this space!